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At the law office of Benjamin, Gold & Troyb, P.C., in Stamford, our attorneys have extensive experience protecting the rights of plaintiffs in personal injury actions. We built our practice on a commitment to providing outstanding representation with a high level of personal service and attention. When you hire us to help you recover compensation for the injuries you suffered in a car crash or other personal injury incident, you will work directly with an attorney throughout the process. To set up an appointment, contact our office or call us at 203-425-8500.

Our Personal Injury Practice

If you have been injured through the fault of another, you are entitled to full and complete compensation. Our goal is to maximize your recovery while treating you with respect and dignity. In most cases, discussions are first had with the insurer for the possibility of negotiating a settlement without starting a lawsuit. If the insurance company is not interested in settling the matter, or will not settle for an amount that is fair and reasonable, then a suit will be started. Benjamin, Gold & Troyb, P.C., is committed to diligent, thorough and proactive representation. You deserve no less.

We handle all types of serious and catastrophic personal injury claims, including cases with traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury and accidental or wrongful death. We also represent plaintiffs in lawsuits involving serious neck and back injuries, broken bones, fractures, rotator cuff, wrist, hand and knee injuries.

We focus our personal injury practice on serious injuries resulting from:

  • Motor vehicle accidents — We handle all personal injury claims arising from car accidents, truck or motorcycle crashes, including cases involving drunk driving and reckless driving. We handle lawsuits involving injuries caused by speeding, tailgating or rear-end collisions, weaving or lane drifting, crossing the center line, illegal turns, failure to obey traffic control signals, and failure to grant right of way. We will also help you recover full and fair compensation in cases where other drivers involved in the car accident were uninsured or underinsured.
  • Slips and falls — We represent people who have been injured while on someone else's property. This can involve the failure to properly maintain the property or warn of known dangers, failure to clear ice or snow, defective stairways, sidewalks, pavement, elevators or other means of access. We also handle premises liability cases where a customer is injured in a store or commercial establishment.
  • Complex litigation cases — Complex litigation cases usually involve death or serious personal injury, and complicated factual or legal issues. These cases may arise from assaults and batteries, gross negligence, or intentional torts.

When you hire us to handle your personal injury claim, we will conduct a detailed investigation of the accident and thoroughly prepare your case. This often includes reviewing medical records, interviewing witnesses and examining the scene of the accident, when appropriate. We have a strong understanding of the medical issues involved in personal injury claims, conducting much of our own medical research to establish the full extent of your injury. We know how to present your claims in ways that maximize your potential damage award.

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For a confidential consultation, contact us or call us at 203-425-8500 to set up an appointment to discuss your car accident, slip and fall, or other personal injury matter. We are located in the Peoples' Bank building on Bedford Street in Stamford, and have ample free parking. In addition, we maintain flexible hours to accommodate your schedule.

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