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Track Your Case Online

To track your case filed at the Connecticut Superior Court

1. Go to:

2. Type in your last name (or the name of your company) in the top box;

3. Type in your first name in the second box;

4. Left Click "Search;"

5. Find your case in the list of case names;

6. Left Click on the docket number of your case;

7. Review the documents, by title, filed at the Superior Court in your matter;

8. Review the individually scheduled court dates at the Superior Court in your matter.

To confirm your employer has workers' compensation insurance coverage

1. Go to:

2. Left Click "verify coverage;"

3. Type in the name of the employer;

4. Type in the date of your injury;

5. Left Click "search;"

6. Left Click on the "policy number" on the bottom left of the screen;

7. You will find the name of the insurer, and the policy number.



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